Trimble Business Center funkcionalumo licenzijavimo matrica

Funkcijos Base Edition Complete Edition Advanced Edition Aerial Photo Module Advanced Drafting Module Data Prep Module GIS Module Scanning Module
Data Import        
Data Viewing        
L1 GNSS Baseline Processing        
Optical Data Processing        
Network Adjustment        
Advanced Reporting        
Feature Definition Management        
CAD and COGO Tools        
Advanced Data Management Tools        
Coordinate System Management Tools        
Local Site Settings        
Integrated Access to Internet Services (Access Services, TCC, PP)        
3D Data Visualization        
Automated Feature Code Processing        
SketchUp Compatibility        
Google Earth Tools        
Data Export        
Full GNSS Baseline Processing          
Traverse Adjustment          
Site Calibration Tools          
Automated Labeling          
Surface Tools          
Contouring Tools          
Cut/Fill Maps          
Advanced Volume Calculations          
Work with Blocks        
Labeling Tools          
Image Georeferencing Tools          
Panorama Processing and Image Deliverables          
Point Cloud Management Tools          
Integrated Access to Trimble RTX GNSS Post-Processing Service          
3D Data Drive-Through          
Corridor Design Tools              
Terrestrial Photogrammetry Tools              
Point Clouds from Trimble Vision              
Automated Object Creation from CAD Designs              
Automated Dimensioning              
Automated Point Creation at Intervals              
Merge Survey Projects              
Superelevation Diagrams              
Advanced Cross-Section Tools              
Automated Tie Point Adjustment              
Adjustment with Ground Control              
Orthomosaics Generation from Aerial Data              
Point Cloud Generation              
Manual Ground Point Measurements              
Automated Ground Extractions              
Point Cloud Sampling Tools              
Create 3D PDF            
Create Plan sets              
Work with Sheet Sets              
Automated Cross-Section Plotting              
Custom Sheet Plotting              
Work with DynaViews              
Line and Curve Tables              
Scale Bar Management              
Create Leader Lines              
Plan Grid Manager              
Create Projection Planes              
Cutting Plane View              
Project Cleanup              
Standardize Layers              
Import Raster and Vector PDF Data              
Georeference Vector PDF Data              
Elevate Contours Tools              
Elevate Points, Lines, and Pads              
Digitize Pads, Linestrings, and Contours              
Establish a GIS Data Source Connection              
Download a GIS Schema and Create an FXL File              
Upload Processed Features to a GIS Data Source              
Import/Export File Geodatabases              
Point Cloud Registration              
Georefereencing Point CLouds              
Point Cloud Sampling              
Ground Extraction/Automatic Classification              
Create Scan Stations              
Create Projection Planes              
Cutting Plane View